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Trip 268 - September 10, 2022 (Saturday)

Ore Mountain Hike

Near Stewart BC

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Ore Mountain Trailhead Location: Western British Columbia, off BC Highway 37A, by Clements Lake Recreation Site, approximately 13.5 kilometers East of the town of Stewart.

Liked: Pond view, mountain views, shade in the forest, no bugs.

Of Note: A semi-dangerous trail to the pond, then a very steep and dangerous climb to the sub-alpine, then a fairly easy sub-alpine area. A small creek crossing on slippery logs is required. Hiking poles and boots are essential. A part of the trail is overgrown with stinging/scratching plants - long pants and a long-sleeve shirt are essential.

Northern BC Backroad Mapbook (3rd edition) Coordinates: Page 61 (Stewart) A5.


The town of Stewart is a small settlement in the West of British Columbia, very far from any major town. A long and mostly featureless Highway 37 goes North-South from near the Yukon border to Highway 16 by Kitwanga, located between Terrace to the West and Smithers to the East. Mezadin Junction, found 150 km North of Kitwanga, is where a very picturesque Highway 37A starts off Highway 37, goes past several glaciers (including Bear Glacier) and reaches Stewart in about 60 kilometers.

Ore Mountain Trail is about 13.5 kilometers East of Stewart. It starts near Clements Lake Recreation Site, reaches a fine pond 4.25 km later, and then a very steep (albeit short) climb leads to an impressive sub-alpine area with quite extensive hiking opportunities.

*All trail distances are based on a GPS odometer and are approximate.

1. Here are Google Maps directions from Stewart BC to Clements Lake Recreation Site.

2. First, let's check out the entrance to the town of Stewart. We are Westbound on Highway 37A, and Stewart is right in front of us.

3-5. Welcome to Stewart.

6. Now we are heading in the opposite direction.

7. Eastbound on Highway 37A 3.2 km East of Stewart.

8. There is this bridge 11.3 km East of Stewart.

9. Just after the bridge, at the 11.6 km mark, make a right turn. The sign indicates this is the way to Clements Lake Recreation Site and Ore Mountain Trail.

10. A view immediately after the turn.

11. Make a left turn at a T-Junction about 100 meters after turning from Highway 37A.

12. The access road to Clements Lake Recreation Site is just over one km long, and is in a very good shape, with some small potholes.

13. How about these birch trees.

14. Arriving to Clements Lake Recreation Site 13.8 km from the town of Stewart. The parking lot is big enough for a class C RV to turn around.

15. A fine small lake.

16. A picnic area on the left side.

17. To reach Ore Mountain trailhead, continue past the lake for just over 600 meters. The road is quite muddy, though, and a small creek crossing is required. If you have a capable 4x4, driving might be an option. Otherwise, park at the recreation site. Here is the road to the trailhead at 90 meters.

18. Now at the 260 meter mark.

19-20. At 530 meters, there is a small creek crossing. We were able to stone-hop across the creek, but a bit of wading might be required if the water level would be higher. Ignore the trail on the right before the creek.

21. Ore Mountain trailhead access road after the creek.

22. At 610 meters from Clements Lake Recreation Site, we have reached Ore Mountain trailhead. There is a pullout good for several vehicles.

23-24. What a neat trail sign!

25. The trail begins. At 370 meters here.

26. Until the creek crossing, Ore Mountain Trail is easy-to-moderately challenging, with a steady elevation gain. Here we are at the 1.23 km mark.

27-28. A cool moss on the trail.

29. Lots of shade, no bugs, great hiking so far - at the 3.0 km mark.

30-31. However, by 3.26 km of the trail things got complicated in a hurry. First, there was this badly overgrown muddy stretch filled with scratching and stinging plants. Your uncovered skin would be mighty unhappy.

32. Then, 3.4 km from the trailhead, a creek crossing is in order, and the bridge consists of several very slippery logs. On the way in, we slipped from the log on the left and dipped the left foot into the creek. On the way back, we slipped at the beginning of the bridge and landed on the back - good thing the backpack softened the landing.

33. The creek looks fine, though. Here it is with a slight zoom.

33. After the creek, Ore Mountain Trail looks ok for a bit. At 3.48 km here.

34-35. But, soon, a rather dangerous part of the trail arrives and goes for about 500 meters almost all the way to the pond. The path is overgrown again, and the plants are quite slippery. Unlike the muddy overgrown stretch before the bridge, this time around the path is slanted to the right, where there is a substantial drop-off. You would not fall too far, maybe 20-30 meters down the plant-covered slope, but it might still hurt a lot. The worst part is going back, when the momentum carries you towards the drop-off due to the slant. The edge of the path is mostly obstructed by vegetation too, so watch your step and definitely use those hiking poles to keep your balance.

Our Ore Mountain Trail Hike Trip Report Continues on Page 2.

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