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Trip 253 - May 23, 2022 (Monday)

Campbell Point Trail Hike

Gulf Islands National Park Reserve

Mayne Island, British Columbia

Trailhead Location: On Mayne Island, approximately 6-7 kilometers from Village Bay Ferry Terminal via Village Bay Road, Felix Jack Road, Fernhill Road, and Wilkes Road.

Liked: A short, easy trail to very fine views of Mayne Island shoreline (Bennett Bay) and Georgeson Island.

Of Note: Hiking poles and boots are highly recommended for the shore exploration.

Vancouver Island, Victoria & Gulf Islands Backroad Mapbook (9th edition) Trailhead Coordinates: Page 11 (Saturna Island) B2.

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Campbell Point Trail is located within Gulf Islands National Park Reserve on Mayne Island, one of British Columbia's Southern Gulf islands. A ferry from Tsawassen or Swartz Bay goes to Mayne Island, and then it's 6-7 kilometers to the trailhead via Village Bay Road, (turn right onto) Felix Jack Road, (turn right onto) Fernhill Road, and (turn left onto) Wilkes Road.

Campbell Point Trail is a short (700 meters) and easy hike through a pleasant forest to a very impressive shoreline of Mayne Island, where the key attraction is a small and pretty Georgeson Island, as well as Bennett Bay. It is possible to hike in a loop of sorts, by taking the regular trail to Campbell Point, and then returning via the shoreline, which is fairly complicated, with some serious large stones, so hiking poles and boots would be very useful there.

All distances in this trip report are based on a GPS odometer and are approximate.

1. Here is a Google map with directions from Village Bay Ferry Terminal on Mayne Island to Campbell Point.

2. We are on Wilkes Road on Mayne Island, with Campbell Point trailhead parking lot turnoff seen on the right side.

3. Having turned right, here is the parking lot, with the trailhead on the left. Coordinates: N 4850.825 W 12315.159. Elevation: 10 meters.

3. Campbell Point trailhead.

4. And here is a map of the trail. We have parked our bicycle where it says "you are here". As you can see, there is another parking lot a bit further down the road. A pit toilet (and beach access) is located 300 meters from the trailhead.

5. Campbell Point Trail is a very easy hike. Here at 25 meters from the trailhead.

6. Now at 410 meters.

7. Just a pleasant walk among the trees, really. At 650 meters now.

8. At 680 meters, we have reached a small glade, with a bench on the right side.

9. Keep going straight for a few more meters down this small hill.

10-14. And here is Campbell Point and Bennett Bay, featuring Georgeson Island. Coordinates: N 4850.804 W 12314.642. Elevation: 5 meters. Note that landing in Georgeson Island is prohibited. Left to right.

15. A panorama of the place.

Here is our video of the views from this location.

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16. If you are properly equipped and are comfortable handling complicated terrain, a good and very picturesque way to return to the parking lot is via the shoreline by making a right turn. At first, you have to tackle some serious stones, if for a brief stretch.

17. Then, it gets easier.

18. Looking back at Georgeson Island.

19. Now looking forward.

20-21. You can rejoin the main trail near the stone seen ahead near a small tree, by going to the right up a small hill.

22. But we kept going forward and reached a stony beach.

23. It's a fine-looking beach too.

24. The stones soon end, and there is some hard-pressed sand to be enjoyed.

25. A ladder on the right side leads to that pit toilet at 300 meters of the trail, and then back to the trailhead.

26. Having climbed to the top of the stairs we looked back, and isn't it pretty.

Campbell Point Trail in Gulf Islands National Park Reserve on Mayne Island has mightily impressed. Highly recommended.

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