Trip 231 - September 1, 2021 (Wednesday)

Pacific Rim National Park Reserve Visit

Near Tofino BC Canada

Page 3 of 4 - Combers Beach

Location: The middle of the West Coast of Vancouver Island, by BC Highway 4, near the town of Tofino.

Liked (Combers Beach): Beach and ocean views, lots of birds.

Of Note (Combers Beach): Tsunami hazard zone, parking pass required, beware of rip currents in the ocean - no lifeguards on duty at the Park.

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Vancouver Island Backroad Mapbook (9th edition) Park Coordinates: Page 15 (Kennedy Lake) A7, Page 14 (Tofino) G7-G6-F6-E6.

Pacific Rim National Park Reserve occupies a huge area on the West Coast of Vancouver Island. One part of the Park is a famous multi-day West Coast Trail located near Bamfield. Today we have visited another part, which is a series of beaches, popular with surfers, located by Highway 4 near the town of Tofino.

Highway 4 starts on the East coast of Vancouver Island near Parksville, goes through Port Alberni (the last town with major stores and services), then reaches tiny Tofino 2 hours and 120 kilometers later.

Surfing is the main activity in this part of Pacific Rim National Park Reserve, as the few trails that exist here are quite short. The best hike in this part of British Columbia - Wild Pacific Trail - is actually about 30 kilometers away near Ucluelet.

If you plan on camping in a vehicle, note that wild camping opportunities are few near the Park, and overnight parking is not allowed on any of the lots. Also, a parking pass is required, which is good until 4 PM the next day, and is sold at every parking lot, as well as Pacific Rim Visitor Centre where Highway 4 makes a right turn to head towards Tofino, and a left turn leads to Ucluelet.

There are many different attractions in this part of Pacific Rim National Park Reserve, and today we have visited four beaches:

Page 1 - Florencia Bay Beach.

Page 2 - Wickininnish Beach - same turnoff from Highway 4 as Florencia Bay Beach, then a split.

Page 3 - Combers Beach (this page) - long access from the parking lot, no surfers usually make it there.

Page 4 - Long Beach - most popular with surfers and visitors, with a famous Lovekin Rock in the ocean.

Combers Beach is located over 400 meters from the parking lot, and it's a downhill hike to the beach, and an uphill back to the parking lot, so it's no surprise that there were no surfers on that beach during our visit. It's a very pleasant beach, with vast sandy landscapes and a lot of birds.

43. We are on BC Highway 4, about 10.7 km from Pacific Rim Visitor Centre, and 5.7 km from Florencia Bay Beach / Wickininnish Beach turnoff, getting ready to turn left onto Combers Beach parking lot.

BC Highway 4 at Combers Beach Parking Lot Turnoff

44. Having turned left, here is Combers Beach parking lot.

Combers Beach Parking Lot - Pacific Rim National Park Reserve

45. The entrance to Combers Beach access path.

Combers Beach Access Path Entrance

46. It's a long path, over 400 meters long.

Combers Beach Access Path in Pacific Rim National Park Reserve

47. It's mostly all downhill on the way to the beach. Nothing too complicated, though.

Combers Beach Access Path

48. Here we are at the end of the path, with Combers Beach right ahead.

End of Combers Beach Access Path

49-50. A leaning tree by the beach entrance - in the morning fog, and, then, in the afternoon.

Combers Beach in Fog

Combers Beach near Tofino British Columbia Canada

51. Here is the scene in the morning, with all the fog.

Foggy Combers Beach in Pacific Rim National Park Reserve

52-53. Looks much better with the fog gone.

Combers Beach - Vancouver Island - British Columbia Canada

Combers Beach British Columbia

54. A bunch of birds were hanging out at the beach.

Combers Beach in Pacific Rim National Park Reserve near Tofino BC Canada

55. These are sanderlings.


Here is our Video of Sanderlings and Combers Beach.

More videos are on our YouTube Channel.

Combers Beach is a good place to visit, as it's quite vast, with not too many people. The last but not the least is Long Beach, by far the most popular with surfers and visitors alike. Our trip report Continues on Page 4.

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