Trip 119 - September 8, 2016 (Thursday)

Watson Lake Trail Hike

Seven Sisters Provincial Park near Terrace BC

Trailhead Location:
Off BC Highway 16, approximately 55 kilometers East of the City of Terrace.

Liked: Mountain viewpoint, moss-covered forest floor.

Of note: Some moderately steep (though short) stretches. Hiking poles and boots are recommended.

Northern BC Backroad Mapbook (3rd edition) Trailhead Coordinates: Page 34 (Kitwanga) D4. The latest edition of Backroad Mapbook for this and other regions, as well as GPS maps, are available at

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Watson Lake trail is located in Seven Sisters Provincial Park. It's a short and pleasant trail, leading past two small lakes to Watson Lake, which is annually stocked.

1. We are Eastbound on BC Highway 16, with Watson Lake trailhead turnoff seen ahead. Turnoff coordinates: N 54'52'446 W 128'22'545. Elevation: 183 meters.

2. The road after the turn. Nice and smooth.

3. Seven hundred meters later, we are at the trailhead. Coordinates: N 54'52'113 W 128'22'226. Elevation: 213 meters.

4. There is a map of the trail by the trail start.

5. Here it is.

6. The trail begins.

7. One of the few moderately steep but short stretches on Watson Lake trail.

8. The most impressive view arrives within 15 minutes from the start of the trail.

9. Several minutes later, the trail splits, with a short trail on the right leading to the first small lake and a camping spot.

10. View of the first lake.

11. We are now continuing towards Watson Lake. The second lake appeared briefly on the right side, but we kept going. This forest features a neat moss in many places.

12. It took less than an hour of hiking to get to Watson Lake.

13. It's hardly spectacular, but has lots of space for many fishermen.

14. We then kept going around the lake.

15. Passing by some debris.

16. And here is a good camping spot, where we ended our hike. Coordinates: N 54'52'859 W 128'21'652. Elevation: 375 meters.

17. View of Watson Lake from the camping spot.

Watson Lake trail does not offer much past the mountain viewpoint, unless you plan on fishing and/or camping, or just want a relaxing hike.

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