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Trip 302 -  September 12, 2023 (Tuesday).

Botanical Loop Trail Hike

Juan De Fuca Provincial Park

Near Port Renfrew, BC (West of Victoria)

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Botanical Loop Trailhead Location: In Port Renfrew, at the end of BC Highway 14, in Juan De Fuca Provincial Park.

Tidal pools, crashing waves, shoreline views (especially at Botany Bay), several fine forest scenes, shade in the forest, no bugs, numerous educational information signs.

Of Note: The trail is popular, no shade on the beach, uneven ground, rocks and roots, slippery rocks on the beach, crashing waves. Hiking poles and boots are recommended, especially on the beach.

Vancouver Island, Victoria & Gulf Islands Backroad Mapbook (9th edition) Coordinates:  Page 3 (Port Renfrew) C3.

Related Website: Juan De Fuca Provincial Park - BC Parks Official Website.


Botanical Loop Trail is a 2.5 km-long hike located in Juan De Fuca Provincial Park near Port Renfrew on Vancouver Island. It shares the parking lot with Juan De Fuca Marine Trail, which is 47 km-long and takes several days to hike. There are two trailheads for Botanical Loop Trail, both are at the parking lot and are in near proximity to each other. The one on the left side is a shared trailhead with Juan De Fuca Trail. The latter goes its own way eastbound about one kilometer later, while Botanical Loop Trail goes by Botanical Beach and Botany Bay prior to returning back to the parking lot.

The main attraction of Botanical Loop Trail are tidal pools, which are numerous and quite interesting. The shoreline is quite attractive as well, especially at Botany Bay. Beware of slippery stones and crashing waves. Please, do not touch tidal pools to avoid contamination, and do not remove contents and inhabitants.

* All trail distances are based on a GPS odometer and are approximate.

1. Here is a Google Maps location of Juan De Fuca Provincial Park - Botanical Beach parking lot in Port Renfrew, BC.


2. Entering Juan De Fuca Provincial Park - Botanical Beach parking lot. Coordinates: N 48⁰31.992 W 124⁰26.718. Elevation: 65 meters.

Juan De Fuca Provincial Park Botanical Beach parking lot

3. Botanical Beach parking lot has pit toilets and picnic tables, but no garbage cans. To dispose of garbage in Port Renfrew use the public dump (business hours only) located on the side of Highway 14. No overnight camping is allowed on this parking lot.

Botanical Beach parking lot picnic tables

4-5. We used the trailhead entrance on the right side, but the left side is just as good, as it is a loop trail.

Botanical Loop Trail sign

6. Botanical Loop Trail 300 meters from the parking lot. It's an easy trail.

Port Renfrew hiking Botanical Loop Trail

7. Now at 490 meters with a pit toilet ahead.

Hiking in British Columbia - Botanical Loop Trail pit toilet

8. A boardwalk at 540 meters.

Hiking in Port Renfrew area - Botanical Loop Trail

9. Approaching Botany Bay at the 630 meters mark.

Hiking in Canada - Botanical Loop Trail

10. And here comes Botany Bay 680 meters from the parking lot (if you take the trailhead on the right side).

Botany Bay

11-13. It's a very picturesque bay. Left to right.

Botany Bay near Port Renfrew British Columbia Canada

14. Interesting stone formations at Botany Bay.

Hiking on Vancouver Island - Botany Bay near Port Renfrew

15. Neat.

Botany Bay British Columbia

16. Looking right.

British Columbia Hiking - Botany Bay

17. Continuing on Botanic Loop Trail towards Botanical Beach (where the tidal pools are located).

18. 60 meters from Botany Bay.

Hiking Botanical Loop Trail

19. There are several interesting information signs along the trail.

Botanical Loop Trail information sign

20. A fine boardwalk 300 meters past Botany Bay.

Botanical Loop Hike near Port Renfrew BC Canada

21. Botanical Loop Trail 160 meters later.

Botanical Loop Hike

22-23. Arriving to Botanical Beach 770 meters from Botany Bay.

Botanical Beach

24. A very fine beach with many tidal pools.

Botanical Beach on Vancouver Island

25. Looking right.

Botanical Beach British Columbia Canada

26. Looking left.

Botanical Beach near Port Renfrew British Columbia

27. We then started heading left (east) where all the fine views appeared to concentrate.

Botanical Beach near Port Renfrew BC Canada

28. The waves are crashing, the tidal pools all around, good times.

Botanical Beach

29-30. Speaking of the tidal pools.

Botanical Beach tidal pool

Here is our video of the tidal pool above.

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