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Trip 032 - September 29, 2010 (Wednesday)

Simon Fraser University Visit

Burnaby (Metro Vancouver) BC Canada

Distance From Vancouver: Approximately 15 km via Lougheed Highway or Highway 1 East (take Gaglardi Way exit).

Liked: Various art throughout the campus.

Of note: Getting to the campus could be difficult due to the mountaintop location. Few roads and many very long hallways create a feeling of subterranean existence.

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Simon Fraser University and University of British Columbia (UBC) are the two major universities in Metro Vancouver. UBC is located at the west end of the city of Vancouver (actually, on the province-administered University Endowment Lands), while the main campus of Simon Fraser is on top of Burnaby Mountain in the town of Burnaby, which borders Vancouver on the East.

Getting to the SFU campus could be challenging, as it is on top of a mountain, and a very long climb is required to get there. Perhaps, that is why we saw very few bicycles on campus, especially compared to UBC. Those who do not live on campus, either drive, or take a transit bus. Besides, there are not too many roads on the campus, which is fairly compact. The campus is dominated by a huge square-shaped building containing very long hallways, with classrooms, study spaces, eateries, and offices located therein.

1. First, we have taken Skytrain one stop from Lougheed Town Centre to Production Way - University Station. We jumped on the train pictured below, and ended up going the wrong way.

Lougheed Town Centre Skytrain Station Burnaby BC Canada

2. At the Production Way - University station we took bus #145 going to the SFU campus. The students lined up before the bus arrived, and boarded in an orderly fashion.

Translink bus 145 at the Production Way - University Skytrain station

3. The bus ride took about 15 minutes, and it was a slow affair, with the packed bus going at most 30-35 km/h up the mountain. Eventually, we exited at the SFU campus and came to the common area, where some sort of a healthy living fair was taking place.

Simon Fraser University Campus Burnaby BC Canada

4. The show had several booths with enthusiastic folks engaging the passers-by in conversations, or just sitting there and waiting for questions to be asked.

Exhibition at the SFU Campus Burnaby Province of BC Canada

5. Then, we went to the main library and found some students working on computers.

Simon Fraser University Main Library

6. While another was reading next to the wall containing the photos of past SFU chancellors.

SFU Library Burnaby BC Canada

7. Right outside the main library, there was a huge board with all sorts of ads. The photo captured about half the length of that enormous board.

Simon Fraser Campus Ad Poster Board

8. This square structure dominates the campus.

Simon Fraser University Main Campus - Burnaby Mountain Province of BC Canada

9. A fine sunny day calls for studying outside.

SFU Student - Main Burnaby Campus

10. We really liked various art at the SFU campus. Here is a painting making an art piece out of an otherwise grey wall.

Art at the SFU Campus Burnaby British Columbia Canada

11. A brief walk connects the square building to the upper campus and the main bus loop, where the students were sitting on the stairs, eating sandwiches, and listening to street performers.

Performers at the SFU Campus Burnaby BC Canada

12. The man at the keyboard could be Kenny Wayne, who is well-known in Vancouver.

Photo of performers on campus of Simon Fraser University - Burnaby BC

13. Then, we returned to the square building and started walking along its very long hallways.

SFU Long Hallway - Burnaby British Columbia Canada

14. This lady looks at people descending on one of the stairwells.

Art at the SFU campus Burnaby British Columbia Canada

15. And this painting is in one of the side hallways.

Art in Simon Fraser University - Town of Burnaby Province of BC Canada

If you have some time to spare, visiting SFU Burnaby campus could result in an art tour of sorts.

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